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Jul 16, 2012 12:00am PDT
's been very grateful how the bushes have been. president george w. bush have stayed largely on the sidelines. i don't need to play the critic. i think he struck up a pretty good relationship with george h. w. bush. so the relationship with clinton is prickly and complicated. chris: it is an interesting friendship-rivalry. before we break, the famously close relationship between the bush and bill clinton didn't start out so swimingly. clinton was flummox at al gore keeping him at a distance because of the lewinsky matter. but he couldn't resist spouting off. he held out a texas twang and gave his best bush impression. i'm a governor, my daddy was president. i own a baseball team. but al gore was right in using the lewinsky issue. >> now if he decides he can't help himself and starts campaigning against me, the shadow returns. bill: the shadow. we learned when book visited the white house after the recount of 2000, he asked clinton if that shadow offended him and he gave him a pass. and of course clinton became close to george bush 41 and the family. they consider clinton a br
Jul 16, 2012 2:00am PDT
republican colleagues -- stop whining. >>> in "parade" magazine, former president, george w. bush, said he doesn't like the rigidity of the anti-tax pledge, grover norquist has convinced republicans to sign. in a response, norquist, in a "huffington post" interview referenced bush's infamous quote -- read my lips, no new taxes. said people don't like when politicians lie to them. >>> the tampa bay "times" reports that debra wasserman schultz said she is thinking of running for governor in 2014. >>> jill stein will be running against mitt romney again, and president obama for the first time as the 2012 green party presidential candidate. in 2002, stein was one of the candidates running against romney when he was elected massachusetts governor. >>> politico reporting presidential candidate ron paul suffered a big setback at this weekend's nebraska republican convention. he didn't get a plurality of delegate slots, which means paul's name will not be officially nominated at the gop convention in tampa next month. and "newsweek" says former alaska sarah palin with no role at the upcoming repub
Jul 16, 2012 10:00am PDT
h.w. bush and in 2004 by george w. bush against john kerry, the swift boating. all three of these politicians come from massachusetts. i wonder if it's something in the water there. but what you're seeing is very carefully constructed box. there are small nails that go into the box and there's some big rivets that go in there. the small nails are things like this controversy the last three or four days of whether he was -- whether romney was in charge of bain capital from 1999 to 2002, but the biggest piece of this argument are the tax returns. romney is going to be hammered on these tax returns until he releases them, and a number of republicans are now saying that. >> let me show you also the way the romney campaign has counter-attacked because they have released an ad featuring journalists. watch this. >> when the president was elected, he talked about hope and change. whatever happened to hope and change? now it seems he's just coming right out of the box with these old-fashioned negative ads. >> by starting negative, by going extremely tough and extremely hard, looki
Jul 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, let me go to you. when you look at the record, president obama released 12 years. george w. bush, eight years. george romney his own father, 12 years. and when you hear this raise to the romney campaign he's been inaccurately saying teresa heinz kerry didn't releez her taxes in 2004. let me show you what he says about mrs. kerry. >> john kerry ran for president. his wife who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. somehow this wasn't an issue. >> now, i might add the kerry campaign -- not the campaign but his office, he's not running anymore. came back with this. the romney campaign needs to stop getting their facts wrong. mitt romney ought to speak for himself rather than making inaccurate comments about teresa. it's interesting to me, erin. first he was saying kerry only put out two years and it ended up being five. he's trying to do everything he can to deflect from answering. why he doesn't do what moes people have done. >> well, remember also, teresa heinz kerry didn't run for president. john kerry did. and mitt romney is running for presiden
Jul 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
carter, president reagan, president george h.w. bush, president clinton, president george w. bush. none of these presidents were treated like this, none of them were by either republicans or democrats. somehow this president is considered different. we have seen everyone from chief justice john roberts who was appointed by a republican president to the nonpartisan american bar association urging the senate to vote on qualified judicial nominees. they are able to administer justice for the american public. sadly, republicans insist on being the party of no. but the american people and the overburdened federal courts need qualified justices to administer justice in our federal courts, not the perpetuation of extended numerous vacancies. we extend the number of vacancies even as the population of this country increases. today, vacancies on the federal courts are more than two and a half times as many as they were on this day during the first term of president bush. today there are still 78 vacancies. there have been -- because of the delays caused by republicans, there has actually been an
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Jul 16, 2012 10:00am PDT
is the former deputy assistant to -- former president george w. bush, and dick harpootlian is chairman of the south carolina democratic party. i mean, the past three days the news headlines are replete with did mitt romney have operational control of bain capital from 1999 to 2002, and does barack obama owe mitt romney an apology for some senior aide saying that he might have committed a felony if -- i mean, both sides, you tell me, brad, i'm -- there's such a turnoff, both sides, the way they, the way they run this race it's -- the american people are disgusted with this kind of politics. am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. i think the american people want to get onto the real issues at hand, and either the president or mitt romney are actually addressing those issues. but let's face it, obama has invoked a 3-d strategy; district away from your own destructive policies, distort romney's record and divide the american people, rich against poor. this strategy is only useful when an incumbent doesn't have a record to stand on, to be hopeful on and to herald. and romney's letting
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Jul 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
services secretary under george w. bush, and former governor tommy thompson now running for the cites senate in his home state and full disclosure, i have endorsed his campaign for a lot of reasons i just shared with you. >> thank you very much, governor. >> mike: i want to begin right at the heart of this issue, you helped create the welfare reform movement by in an area in wisconsin, trying out the things that ended up working. other gorps said we'd like to do that, too. now we're seeing an attempt by the obama administration to make changes. i want you to first speak, what's the heart of what makes welfare reform work? >> the fact that people have to get up in the morning, go to work, and be able to get themselves out of poverty. i always told people you can't get out of poverty by not working and the welfares mothers responded in the state of wisconsin and across the country. always the responsibility for them, they had to have some skin in the game. and we would continue to provide for help for them and assistance, but they had to get up, look for a job and go out and get a job a
Jul 15, 2012 6:30pm PDT
was appointed by president george w. bush to head the federal deposit insurance corporation, the fdic. now as senior advisor to the pew charitable trust, sheila bair has just organized a private group of financial experts called the systemic risk council. among its members, former fed chairman paul volcker, former senators bill bradley and alan simpson, john reed, once the chairman of citigroup, and brooksley born, the former cftc chairman who back in the 1990s accurately predicted an economic meltdown. its mission, to prevent the banking industry from scuttling the reforms created by the dodd-frank act, and, hopefully, prevent another crash. she has a book coming out in late september about the need for reform called "taking the bull by the horns." she's also written two books for children about money and entrepreneurship. "rock, brock and the savings shock" and "isabel's car wash." sheila bair, welcome. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> if you were trying to help some of those young people that you write for, understand this business called libor, how would you begin? what's the "once u
Jul 16, 2012 8:00am PDT
're going to bring you details on this. >>> plus, unleashed former president george w. bush out with a new book with his new plan for fixing the economy. what he would do today. >>> and if you want to weigh in on the show, tweet me @thomasaroberts. yeah, i'm back from vacation. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ idide? how you want. you're not my dad ahh!! hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? dr. scholl's pro inserts relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. go pro with dr. scholl's. like, keep one of these over your head. well, i wasn't "supposed" to need flood insurance, but i have it. fred over here chose not to have it. ♪ me, i've got a plan. fred he uh... fred what is your plan? do i look like i have a plan? not really. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on y
Jul 16, 2012 9:00am PDT
remembers, george w. bush pulled away from john kerry. it was actually very tight before that as you see from this nbc news numbers, and once bush pulled away in late august and the very first week of september, he never looked back. this idea that no one's paying attention is sometimes disproven by the fact that if you get branded with maybe not the details, but the notion that you're not being straight, you're not trustworthy or the thing you're running on turns out to be bankrupt and you have to run from it, right, does that have a risk that by the time the conventions come it's too late for mitt romney? >> if i recall correctly, karl rove has always said he beat john kerry in like the spring of 2004, when they were hammering him with ads, where they created perception of him as an elite foppish flip-flopper. these earlier perceptions even if you're not paying attention can be very powerful. people do, are like tuned in. they do have it in the background. they understand something about bain and swiss bank account and in some ways it can be even more effective if it's kind of vague an
Jul 16, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of help because of her being in george w. bush's cabinet. it wouldn't be as horrific as when mccain won palin. i think mccain lost that election because palin was on the ticket. and gary writes condoleezza rice would be a huge boost for the romney ticket. the woman smart, experienced and likable on top of the obvious democratic advantages. that being said, she knows better than to accept the job. if you want to read more on this subject, go to, or to our post on "the situation room's" face book page. >> jack, thank you. everybody remembers former democratic congressman anthony weiner. he resigned in disgrace because of a sex scandal. he may be thinking seriously of trying for a political comeback. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> that is the last public image of anthony weiner as a congressman as he stepped down in disgrace. now he's reportedly considering a run for mayor in new york. before his doufl he was considered shoe in for the position. >> obviously someone got access to my account. that's bad. they sent a picture that makes fun of th
Jul 16, 2012 12:30am EDT
will give it a shot. legislation signed into law by president george w. bush in 2006, that i and others worked on, requires at least four members of the nine members of the board of governors have experience managing large organizations, and aside co- authored the legislation, our goal with this provision was to encourage the president to send nominees to the board with relevant business experience, something that was sorely lacking on the body at the time. we have some governors with business experience, but not as much as we hoped to have when we were drafting the 2006 law. could you share your thoughts on the qualification criteria for the board and what you think w
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Jul 16, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. george h.w. bush, eight years. clinton eight years. what is wrong with romney? why won't he do it? >> kimberly: what is wrong with romney? >> bob: why doesn't he release his taxes? >> kimberly: he will. >> bob: he says he won't. >> kimberly: what about president obama? >> bob: 11 years he has done it. 11 years. >> kimberly: the most secretive president we've had. so what? >> bob: they are if you are mitt romney. >> dana: the illinois state senate schedule or the occidental college records or the columbia college records or harvard. maybe they should put something on the table. >> bob: you think those are more important as tax returns? >> kimberly: why is he hiding it and pointing fingers at others? total hypocrisy when he won't release anything. it's appalling and offensive -- >> bob: you don't find it appalling that every other democrat and republican released his taxes? >> kimberly: i'm sure he will. it will show he is a successful businessman that has given a lot back and more to charity than president obama who has given 1% back. >> bob: if he is going to release it, why suffe
Jul 16, 2012 3:00am PDT
in tampa. like folks like george w. bush and dick cheney, sarah palin, donald trump, herman cain and newt gingrich and rick santorum. what will romney do with these folks who have a following in the gop but for swing voters may be somewhat provocative or even toxic. so they got to consider that. some of the options being thought about are video tributes, stuff that is offsite, but not prime time convention speeches. that's what they're trying to avoid is, giving some of the folks sort of mike in prime time. this is one of the challenges the party is dealing with. they want to keep the focus on romney and his running mate, whoever that will be, but a lot of folks in the party who have a following who will want to have some kind of spotlight down there in tampa. >> sam stein. >> it's a great piece and i'm wondering what behind the scenes is happening between the romney campaign and the faction, the leadership, whatever it is for the senator rand paul and ron paul who had been promising to have a sharp influence on the convention including on the platform process? >> i think there's going to
Jul 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >> you bet. >> seems like everyone has an opinion on the economy, including that man. what george w. bush is doing to showcase his ideas about improving our economy. our current dividend tax rate will expire this year, sending taxes through the roof and hindering economic recovery. the consequences? millions of americans will see their taxes on dividend income spike, slowing investment in u.s. companies and jeopardizing development in energy projects that create american jobs. ask congress to stop a dividend tax hike -- for all of us. here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her what our other cats love, purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was healthy, happy, and definitely part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. always there for you. 8% every 10 years.age 40, pwe can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss w
Jul 16, 2012 4:00am EDT
george h.w. bush and special assistant to president reagan is here on set with us for the hour. mary jo, welcome. >> thank you. >> first of all. secondly, we just rattled through all of these financial earnings we're expecting this week. a lot of the focus has been on barclays. and from your point of view, this whole libor scandal, is this going to blow up into a much bigger deal for financials going forward? >> i don't see how we can avoid it. it's a big scandal. you've got disclosures from the new york fed going back to 2008. you've got deutsche turning what they're calling state's evidence in a plea for leniency. who knows where else it's going to go. i think if i had been advising barclays, i would have been torn about telling them to come out early, and hopefully, get it over with, versus coming out early and creating a bigger problem for themselves. >> i mean, they may have gotten some leniency with regard to the fine. >> yes. >> it's something like a 30% perhaps discount. >> right. >> but it's clear, and there's a great sort of tale of this in the "wall street journal" today that
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)